20 Ways To Be More Productive

Being busy is not at all mean being effective or being productive. Productive people have the Habits of Successful People. They have a habit of delivering greater results in lesser time.

We all have 24 hours a day. Yet Some people manage to achieve greater success in their respective fields and some are not. It’s all about productivity. Productive People use their time extremely well to produce the results.

Don’t worry productivity is not hereditary. It is all about your effort and self-discipline. And with all these anyone can become productive and master their time.


Adopt the following ways to become more productive:-


1. Understand Your Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rythm is basically your body’s natural clock. It controls your sleep-wake cycle. It also decodes which time of the day you are most productive. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl. Understand your Circadian rhythm and make the best use of it.


2. Start Your Day Early

Wants to be ahead of the world, so better start early. After the complete 8 hours of sleep, your body is in its best energy state. Use it wisely and productively. Tackle down some of the most complicated tasks and complete them.

Waking Up in the noon when half of the day already passed would never make you productive. Grab your morning and I am sure you will be grabbing your day.


3. Have a Solid Morning Routine

Mornings are the ways to kick start your day. A solid morning routine can boost your productivity up to 10 times. Productive morning leads to a productive day. Plan your day, exercise, and affirm to yourself whatever you want to achieve by the end of the day and throw yourself in the process with all heart.


4. Proper Execution of Plan

Most of our plan fails to turn into reality due to poor execution. Productive people execute their plan so well that it guarantees them sure success. Proper execution of your plan can surely increase your efficiency.


5. Follow 80/20 Rule

We all are aware of Preto’s 80/20 rule, which states that only 20 percent of our efforts or work produce 80 percent of the results. Eliminate unnecessary things could save you a lot of time to focus on important things. These are some small efforts towards overall productivity.


6. Eliminate Distraction

Social Media, Tv, your favorite web series, and your friends going out for night out. Distractions are certainly time-consuming and also sometimes deviate you from your goals. It’s up to you how much you allow them to interfere in your life. The more distraction you allow affecting you, the lesser your productivity would be.


7. Avoid Multitasking

Stop loading your mind with an extra burden by doing 10 things at once. In a recent study, it was found that doing multiple works at the same time drop down your IQ by 10. Multitasking also reduces your efficiency to some extent. Get things done more efficiently by focusing on one task at a time.


8. Create a TO-DO List

Create a To-Do List prior to the night before and execute your plan. Creating a To-Do list helped you to remember what task you have to do. Writing down your goals you want to achieve the following day saves you a lot of time and helps to tackle your goals.


9. Avoid Procrastination

Productive People don’t procrastinate. They do it now and they do it right. Keeping something for tomorrow does not guarantee you that it will be done tomorrow, but it might create an excuse for you to avoid and ignore that work as long as possible.


10. Have Ample Rest

As you have already read that being busy is not at all mean being productive. Giving regular breaks to your body and mind certainly increase their working efficiency for a longer period. And as a consequence, you can produce more results.


11. Divide Your Task Into Small Steps

Dividing a major task into some small steps not only makes it convenient to complete but also boosts your efficiency towards the same. If you find something hard to do, divide it into small steps and you will end up finishing it with all ease.


12. Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress daily or weekly not only gives you the idea of your improvement but also motivates you to become better and better. Keeping track of anything you do also provides a chance to do better in the same and produce more than ever before.


13. Visualize The End Result

Successful People have a habit of visualizing their success. This phenomenon also implies here. Visualizing your end result not only motivate you towards your goals but also create a virtual sense of satisfaction of fulfilling your aims.


14. Differentiate Between Important And Unimportant

We end up wasting so much of our time on unimportant things and later regret it. Differentiate or make the list of tasks from most important to unimportant and then start with most important and so on. This way you not only save time but also able to give time to work according to their importance.


15. Prefer Automation

Automation can seriously save you a lot of time especially in work where your need is indirect like email replying and etc. Put your indirect work on Automation with the help of alarms and reminder and you will be thankful.


16. Take Care Of Your Health

Good Health and peace of mind always keep you ahead of the rest. Having good health and inner peace can motivate you to achieve your goals faster. Regular Exercise and Yoga can certainly increase productivity both mentally and physically.


17. Less Talking More Doing

The world is consists of two types of people first and most of them are Talkers. Talkers only talk about others because they have nothing to do. And secondly, we have Doer who only focuses to execute their plan and do something for themselves and for society. Productive people are doers, not talkers.


18. Learn To Say No

I am sure that you also stuck in some unwanted situation just because of your habit of saying Yes to everything. Learn to say NO. It can be necessary sometimes to avoid wasting your time. Try it and I am sure it will prove to be productive.

19. Set Goals for next day a day before

Planning about the next day a night before surely helps you to stay ahead of time. Schedule your meetings, your appointments, and everything a night prior to the activity day. This way you not only avoid the meantime hassle but you would have a clear idea in your mind what’s next.


20. More Sleep Less Party

Sleep is more important than anything else to keep you focused and attentive. Successful people prioritize their sleep over any late-night parties or outings. They know productivity comes from being focused and attentive, both are impossible without proper sleep.

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  2. I seem to be a night owl as I’m more productive and awake at night although I’m desperate to change that and be a morning person so I can have a kick ass morning routine. It really is a struggle. One tip I use is an egg timer to time productivity and breaks in between.

  3. Very useful and helpful information! I’ve never heard of Prato’s rule in relation to productivity and it brings up an interesting point. I need to learn how to eliminate or automate smaller tasks to free up my time. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I always forget to get ample rest and then wonder why I’ve been getting a lot of burnout lately… So thank you so much for that reminder! I love the idea of waking up earlier to get things done, too, and for setting goals for the next day. Thanks for these great tips!

  5. Absolutely enjoyed reading this blog post super super useful my problem is certainly multitasking constantly and yet feeling as if I have not done anything adequate- I must reduce this!! Following from twitter

  6. Great post. I think people underestimate the power of visualization. When we constantly utilize it, it keeps the end results fresh in our minds causing us to want it so badly.
    How we react to it totally depends on us.

    1. Hey, Anup we know that not all people get up early, some prefer late nights too and that’s ok. I think you forgot our 1st point where we have clearly said that first analyze what time of the day you are most active and work according to that. Well thank you so much for your concern this is highly appreciable.

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