45 Side Hustles For College Students

Side Hustles for College Students

College can be expensive. College Students are already under a huge amount of student loans to pay. And you still need money to survive your college life. Even on that, you cannot do a full-time job because you devote your maximum time studying.

Therefore we have found 45 legit side hustles ideas for all college-going students which you can do as part-time or full time and can support your college life financially.

1. Become a Tutor

It is the best way to earn while you are in college. Teach students in your free time. There are lots and lots of parents who are hiring tutors for their children who are weak in some subjects. If you are good at teaching then you can cash in this opportunity.


2. Start a Blog or Youtube Channel

Starting a blog or a youtube channel is always a good idea to earn some money. Find the niche you are passionate about and either you can write your opinion or make videos for the same. This way you can monetize your passion.


3. Sell Photos Online

If your photography enthusiast and love taking photos. Well, I have good news for you. You can actually sell your photos on websites like Shutterstock, pexels, and so on and earn a good amount of money.

Following are the sites where you can sell your photos:

  2. PEXEL


4. Become A Tour Guide

So Your city receives a large number of visitors every day. You can also become a tour guide, and it can be a great side hustle for college-going students. Learn a little about your city and start your hustle. Tourist prefers guide for a tour for a better experience. You can earn good money plus some extra tip also.


5. Participate in Online Surveys

There are some sites that conduct online surveys and guess what they are actually paying you for that. If you have the correct knowledge in some specific field you can also take part in the same.

Check out these sites:-

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Junkies
  3. Opinion Outpost


6. Start Investing

Investing is not as hard as people sometimes thought it to be. You can learn basic about investing and start investing your money. It doesn’t matter how many dollars you start from. The only thing you need to do is to start investing as earlier as possible and it will become your passive source of income.


7. Translator

Knowing multiple languages is always beneficial. And if you are one of them then you can use your skill to earn some money. Sites like UpWork, Genzo, unbabel provide you an opportunity to cash in your skills.


8. Freelancer

There are millions of college students making their living through Freelancing. They are providing the service they are good at from content writing, graphic designing to logo making, and many more. FIVERR connect the freelancer with those who need work done.


9. Affiliate Marketing

In simple words whenever someone buys a certain product from an eCommerce site by your affiliate link you will get a fixed amount of commission on selling of that product. Earning from affiliate marketing totally depends on your audience and to earn a handsome amount of money you need to have a good amount of following.


10. Sell Your Course Online

One of the most common and rapidly growing methods of earning money is to provide online courses according to your preferable niches. You can provide online courses in any of your chosen courses and you can earn money.


11. Data Entry

This is something you can do from your home at any time of the day all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Data entry is basically writing down the hard copy (handwritten) content into a soft copy as in word or MS Excel and etc.


12. Web Designer

If you have knowledge regarding coding and web designing. You can easily get a job either full time or part-time(whichever you prefer). Web Designing is new to the market and every firm looking for creating a website for their business and in that way you can easily earn a handsome amount of money.


13. Virtual Assistant

Serving as a virtual assistant can prove to be a great side hustle. From managing email to an important meeting to important dates. There are few virtual assistants sites such as Fiverr and people per hour where you can apply to financially support your hustle.


14. Uber/Ola Driver

If you own a car or maybe you not but you are a good driver. You can work as a part-time driver for Uber and Ola in your free time. People need a ride to their workplace, their school, their business meeting, so you can serve as a driver and earn money.


15. Sell Your Hair

Yes, you read it right, you can actually sell your hair. There are some sites like https://hairsellon.com/ which are buying hair for various reasons. From making an extension for models to making a wig for cancer patients, your hair can have a huge demand in the market.


16. Sell your Craft on Etsy

If you are a student who adores art and craft and has artistic talent then Etsy is for you. You can sell your craftwork on Etsy to support you financially. Simply set up your profile and start selling your artistic work and earn.


17. Sell Gigs On Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelances websites that allows you to earn by performing different tasks. You can also create your gig on fiver and start earning. It is a smart and convenient way to work and earn money in your free time.


18. Sell Used Stuff on eBay

There is a lot of stuff in everybody’s home which is certainly of no use now. Such stuff is only acquiring your space nothing else. You can sell such stuff on eBay and can earn money to support your academics.


19. Sell Your Old Notes

There are lots of students who actually buy notes. And here comes your opportunity, you can actually sell your old notes and money from it. But remember your note should be informative, concise, and valuable.


20. Personal Trainer

If you are a certified fitness coach and have a good amount of knowledge regarding fitness or bodybuilding. You can serve people like a personal trainer or fitness coach.


21. Ebook Publisher

Publishing Book was never this much easy. You can publish your book on an ebook platform and showcase your talent without that much effort. This only generates income but also create lifelong passive cash-flow.


22. Babysitting

I am quite sure that at any point in life your neighbor called you to look after their 3-year-old son in their absence. What about if you can monetize it? Yes, you can actually get paid for babysitting and that too a good amount of money. All you need is to know how to handle a baby.


23. Pet Sitting

There are lots of people who want someone to look after their pets when they are out of the station. And if you love animals it can be both fun and making money. All you need to do is take good care of their pets and in return, you get paid.


24. House Sitting

One of the easiest side hustle you can do. All you need to do is simply occupy their space, eat and sleep in their home in their absence and do whatever you want. You can get a fairly good amount of money in return.


25. Event Organiser

Are you better at management and organizing? If you are, then you can make an event organizer as your side hustle. You can organize an event in your college, in your localities and so on. Event organizers are earning a good amount of money nowadays.


26. Internship at your University

I am sure your college must provide a facility for internships in various fields. Choose your preferable niches and work as an intern. This way you not only making money but also gaining work experience in college itself.


27. Teach a Language

If you are bilingual or you know multiple languages than what’s better than that? Every firm, company, school, and even university is interested in hiring people who know more than one language. You can teach them and earn money. It is an easy and convenient side hustle.


28. Online Tutor

The Internet is vast, its reach is vast. you can be built a huge number of audiences in no time and earn. You can teach the student all over the world on a single platform. Online teaching is becoming popular day by day, you also can try it on a medium like Fb or youtube and earn money.


29. Social Media Management

If you have a good amount of knowledge about social media management and how it is done. You can actually work for a small firm and can help them manage their business on social media.


30. Modeling

If you are passionate and eager to be a model you can do it even in college days too. You can Join the fashion society of your college and start working towards your goals. And you can also work as a freelance model and earn money.


31. Makeup Artist

One of my friends found her passion for being a makeup artist and she is currently a makeup artist. Though she started as small but now gaining popularity over the different platforms. She is earning enough to carry this as a full time. If she can trust me you also can.


32. Rent Out Your Free Space

You can also rent out your free space (not in use) of your apartment to those who need it on a monthly basis. This way you only use up your space but also make some extra amount of money every month.


33. Rent Out Your Car

You can also rent your car for anyone who needs it. There are lots of cases where people rent cars if they want to travels to longer distances. Rent it when it is not in use and you will be making a good amount of passive income.


34. Use Your Card For Advertisement

Lots of companies use this tactic for mobile advertisement. You can contact such companies and ask them for an advertisement on your car. This way you can turn your car into a mobile advertising banner and can earn money.


35. Handyman/woman work

Most people don’t know about simple household repairing. If you have some handy skill of repairing, you can provide a service of basic household repair. This way you can earn a good amount of money.


36. Proofreader

You can also work as a proofreader to earn some money. Proofreading is a process of reviewing and correcting the grammar, spelling, and punctuation before finalizing the draft. If you are good at it, it is an opportunity to cash in your skill.


37. Delivery Boy/Girl

Delivering is something that most students prefer to stabilize their financial condition. Working as a delivery boy or girl in your free time not only utilize your free time but also increase your account balance.


38. Part-time Job

Those Students who cannot work for the whole 8 hours due to their studies can do a part-time job. Work in your free time and earn money. It will both convenient and easy. You can get paid hourly.


39. Security Guard

If you are a night owl and keep awake till very morning. You can work as a security guard and earn money. It will not only utilize your night time but also provide you some financial support.

40. Shovel Snow

Snowfall can be fun but sometimes it is so annoying. People hire a person who can remove snow from their lawns and garages. If you live in such an area, you can provide service of removing snow, its hard work but it also pays well.


41. Voice Over Artist

Voice Over is Gaining popularity. You can also work as a voice-over artist for cartoons program, movies, or any event. Working as a voice-over artist is both fun and income. You can earn a good amount of money by doing it.


42. Car Washing Service

You with your few friends can also start the car washing service. This is new and will accelerate in the future. Many people for service like that and whatever than utilizing your free time to earn some extra money


43. House Cleaning Service

A lot of people searching for someone who can help them in cleaning their home and in the return they offer them money. House cleaning service is not a new thing in business, you can start your own house cleaning service and earn money by helping people.


44. Painting Service

If you love painting houses and you are a good painter. Your side hustle can pay you. People often don’t like to paint their own house that’s why they hire a painter to do that for them. A little bit of practice and information regarding the field can support you financially.


45. Street Performer

Street Performances are gaining popularity among youth. If you are a good guitarist, vocalist, stunt man, or magician, then the street provides you a platform and a huge number of audiences. You can not only make good money but also can gain popularity if you are lucky enough.

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